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Touch Up After 1.5 Years -Westerville, OH

After my last 6 vile sculptra treatment in october of 2011 i felt now year n half later that i was loosing the great amount of volume i had n 2012. Just yesterday march 1 2013 i had 1 vile for a touch up which i hope will bring back all the volume i had after my sixth treatment. I will post the... READ MORE

Questions from Wil Reynoldsburg

Four weeks post Sculptra, still little volume. Will I get more volume in the coming weeks? (photos)

I had 6 viles in 2011 that made my cheeks nice and full, then i had 2 viles touch up in 2013 that returned my cheeks nice and full. This year i had 2 viles touch up which gave... READ MORE

Does Sculptra cause the body to create most of the collagen in 5 week?

My Sculptra doctor told me that most of the collagen that sculptra causes the body to produce will be in the 4 to 5 week time frame. She said little collagen is created after... READ MORE

Does each vial you get of Sculptra add together producing more collagen or do they not build on each other? Im confused?

How does the vials injected weeks apart come together to produce the amount of collagen necessary to give you the results your looking for? Isn't the first vial of sculptra... READ MORE

What kind of acne scars are these I got on my face? Can they be improved on by filler? (Photo)

These acne scars i have outlined in black are they Rolling ice pick or cookie cutter scars? Can they be improved on by a filler? READ MORE

My 4 viles of Sculptra are giving me strange results. In few weeks, volume goes away. Is this normal?

I have had 4 viles of Sculptra injected 6 weeks apart. Every Vile i have had after 4 weeks of injection quickly fills my face out nicely. Then a few days later that volume goes... READ MORE

I had 4 vials of Sculptra in different areas of my face. Will the 5th vial create enough collagen on my cheekbones to blend in?

I have had 4 viles of Sculptra and today i had a 5 vile. This 5th vile was placed on my cheekbone which the other 4 viles were not. They were placed on my cheek under the... READ MORE

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Now 8 weeks after that 3rd April vile I have gotten some volume increase that i didn't see with the first 2 viles. Now, since I am seeing my cheeks filling out some I decided to do a fourth vile which I did today. Back to the 5- 7 week... READ COMMENT

I noticed alot of volume decrease this past January. Feburary 2014 i had 2 viles. A subtle improvement but not the volume i had last year with my 2013 2 viles. April 17 i had a third vile injected and now 2 weeks after that vile im not... READ COMMENT

Have you used radiesse before? READ COMMENT

Sculptra is definitely the way to go but doc said i would need several more viles to get back that volume and i just cant afford it. I got roughly 14 months of sculptra volume and i had 6 viles. READ COMMENT

Had little bruising but dealt with a red burning sensation at times whe my face started filling out. It's been 10 months since my last 2 maintenance viles and have already loss all my volume. I just made appointment to go back there n... READ COMMENT