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Thanks. My Mickey mouse hands seem to be getting worse not better. Going to give the mastectomy surgeon a call. Best wishes.. READ COMMENT

I had no pain after my implants and actually had my surgery on a Friday and was back to work on that Monday. Please go for a second opinion something doesn't sound right. Feel better soon.. READ COMMENT

Thanks Debbie.. Yeah I wake up every morning with numb hands and arms. I drop things like crazy until I can finally start to feel my fingers. Very weird, I think like you said they cut into a nerve or something during my surgeries. They... READ COMMENT

No nipples yet as I am going back in for the larger implants, but someone I know got hers tattooed on. She got her tattoos done by the plastic surgeon which was a mistake she said b/c a surgeon is not a tattoo artist. There is a man... READ COMMENT

Wow.. so weird the last two days I've been having a sharp pain that comes and goes on my right side. Let me know what the doctor says and feel better. They actually gave me the wrong size implants (if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have... READ COMMENT