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Will my Wisdom Tooth Extraction Delay Me from Going Forward with Getting Cheek Implants Done?

I had my bottom wisdom tooth pulled about a week ago it was not infected to begin nor did it ever hurt I had it done because it was visible plus I already had the other 3... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Doctors Who Do Cheek Augmentation W/implant in S. Ca. Can Anyone Help?Need to See B/A Pics and Full Pricing?

I'm a 28 yr old (F) and am interested in a cheek implant that will correct both mid-face & tear trough deficiency all in one implant. I'm seen that porex has something... READ MORE

Will Taking Pain Killers Affect Blood Test That Are Needed Before Cheek Augmentation Surgury?

If someone was taking prescribed pain killers can it effect the results of the blood test in any way? Or does it not even show up? READ MORE

If I Want to Screw Down the Cheek Implant Do You Always Have to Go Through the Eye or Can You Go Through the Mouth?

I am worried about my implant shifting so I wanted to have them screwed down but I was told that to screw it down they would have to go through the eye even it the implant will... READ MORE

Will a 3mm Silicone Malar Implant Give Enough of a Dramatic Look?

I have very flat cheeks and I'm wondering if a 3mm silicone malar implant will give me the prominent cheek I'm looking for. I want a dramatic chiseled cheek bone that will... READ MORE

Can Anyone Explain the Sizes in Terms of Small, Medium or Large for the Malar Profile Implant Made by Spectrum Design?

I picked out an implant I like made by Spectrum Design called "Malar Profile" the nominal dimensions are (5.4-3.2-0.5cm) I checked the website to see if this falls into the... READ MORE

What Can Correct a Worn Down K9 Tooth? A Permanent Crown or Veneers?

I have one K9 tooth that has worn down not too bad but it's noticeable because it doesn't match the one on the other side what are my options? My tooth is straight and healthy... READ MORE

When is It Ok to Wear Underwear During Plastic Surgery?

I'm getting cheek implants and some fat grafting done, can I wear underwear during the surgery? I'm not sure but don't see why I couldn't..My surgery is no were near my... READ MORE