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Blephroplasty, Canthoplasty, and Tranconjunctival Soof Lift - Middleton, WI

At 61, both Upper and Lower lids had skin removed, the Canthius were tightened on both eyes, and the Soof lifted back up onto the cheek bones. An Extra stitch was taken in the left upper eyelid to correct a droopy eyelid. Any excess fat was redistributed. I am very happy with the... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer with Blephroplasty and Soof Lift - Middleton, WI

At 61, this was done when I had blephroplasty surgery and a soof lift. You could see the improvement after the initial swelling went away but at 6 months you see the final results, which for me were good. Great for revitalizing the face and adding a softer, fuller appearance but not invasive.... READ MORE

Sciton Laser Resurfacing to the Perioral and Glabella Areas - Middleton, WI

At 61, this procedure was done when I had blephroplasty and soof lift surgery so I was sedated. The discomfort afterwards was minimal even though it was done fairly deep. After a week the weeping had mostly ceased and by 2 weeks I could apply makeup. The healing was uneventful and I had... READ MORE

Questions from dodger1

Low Blepharoplasty with skin pinch, missing my little eye pooch. Now have wrinkles/lines instead when I smile. Any suggestion?

Why after lower blephroplasty with a skin pinch, do you loose the little pooch of skin under you eyes, causing the skin to wrinkle when you smile? I now see it on most if not... READ MORE

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If you really want the Retin A to work, you must use it at least every other night. It has a half life at 24 hours and is not working at all after 48 so if you aren't going to use it at least that much well you are frankly wasting your... READ COMMENT

I have had the Sciton Contour on my face and I too would NOT do it again just for the down time. But, I am considering the Sciton Halo for pore size. I do the Sciton Forever Young BBL 3-4 times a year now on my entire face and neck,... READ COMMENT

Congratulations! You do look really great, good for you! I had my eyes done, uppers and lowers at 61 and love how it helped. I think his price for the facelift was very reasonable compared to where I live. I did tell my hubby, when... READ COMMENT

You were a nice looking young woman before, but the results you got with surgery are very nice indeed. You will be unstoppable just on your looks alone now. Best wishes on your future. READ COMMENT

I've had it a couple of times and my Dr would never do it without a nerve block!!! But I too will probably not do it again just for the down time. I now do Sciton Forever Young BBL 3 times a year on face, neck and chest. I have see... READ COMMENT