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Watch out - Fcare Vein Treatment! - Belgium, BE

Following rhinoplasty, I had a lot of small veins surging up on my nose. My doc treated them with a device which is similar to veinwave, called fcare systems evrf. Seven weeks later I am full of red/brownish marks and new veins have also shot up. I have later understood this device is not... READ MORE

Dr Ercan Demiray in Turkey? Turkey, TR

I'm looking to have revision rhinoplasty soon, and have been researching doctors. I need someone who is very skilled and really can fix a nose that's been operated on twice. I live in Europe so somewhere here. Has anyone has experience with Dr Demiray? He seems professional and did a skype... READ MORE

High Bridge After Revision Rhino!!! - Europe

I just took off the cast after 1 week - and! I'm used to the tip being swollen, from the two previous rhinoplasties, but this time the BRIDGE is big! I'm not sure it's bigger or the same as before, but Im worried its not swelling but perhaps the doc did not lower it as we had agreed. Did the... READ MORE

Questions from Pearlygate

Veinwave Healing?

Hello! A month ago, I had veinwave treatment for broken caps on my face. I was told this was a quick treatment with no side-effects, no scarring etc. Still four weeks later,... READ MORE

Laser After Rhinoplasty and Veinwave?

I had revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago which left me with thread veins on my nose. My surgeon treated them 3 months post op with fcare evrf, a device similar to veinwave. this... READ MORE

Veins Still There After Laser?

I had KTP laser done a week ago to remove thread veins. It seemed like they were gone the day after but now they are back again? The nurse says it takes weeks but the blood has... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for new wrinkles appearing 5 days post Botox injection?

5 days after having Botox injections for my crow's feet, I notice I have gotten 3 new wrinkles under each eye! It looks horrible, especially when I smile. Also I am blinking a... READ MORE

Burn marks post fraxel? (Photo)

I had fraxel yesterday morning and was left with this burn mark. I had asked the doc to be careful on the settings and still this happens! Is it normal? Will it subside? When... READ MORE

Strange result after Rhinoplasty. (photos)

After taking off the cast, it looks nothing like what I expected! This is my third rhino. It was done to correct polly beak syndrome and also remove a graft (ear tissue) from... READ MORE

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Sorry Garina, I will have to ask you not to post comments on my review. You are not a doctor and you do not know whether it will change or not. One example - yours - is not enough for you to judge the outcome of others. I am trying to... READ COMMENT

You should bandage or tape your nose if the splint came off, if you leave it like that so early it will just swell more READ COMMENT

Thankx! Was it swollen all over or just the tip? READ COMMENT

Thanks! No, no grafts used, I wanted a smaller nose, not bigger! I know it's swollen I just can't see the desired result coming out of THIS.... READ COMMENT

I think it looks smaller than pre-op! How's the development? READ COMMENT