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Watch out - Fcare Vein Treatment! - Belgium, BE

Following rhinoplasty, I had a lot of small veins surging up on my nose. My doc treated them with a device which is similar to veinwave, called fcare systems evrf. Seven weeks later I am full of red/brownish marks and new veins have also shot up. I have later understood this device is not... READ MORE

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Veinwave Healing?

Hello! A month ago, I had veinwave treatment for broken caps on my face. I was told this was a quick treatment with no side-effects, no scarring etc. Still four weeks later,... READ MORE

Laser After Rhinoplasty and Veinwave?

I had revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago which left me with thread veins on my nose. My surgeon treated them 3 months post op with fcare evrf, a device similar to veinwave. this... READ MORE

Veins Still There After Laser?

I had KTP laser done a week ago to remove thread veins. It seemed like they were gone the day after but now they are back again? The nurse says it takes weeks but the blood has... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for new wrinkles appearing 5 days post Botox injection?

5 days after having Botox injections for my crow's feet, I notice I have gotten 3 new wrinkles under each eye! It looks horrible, especially when I smile. Also I am blinking a... READ MORE

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I would say tatooing over is a big no-no. Tattoos will never resemble the skin color! As for now you still have a chance to make the body heal, don't fall for the voice of desperation saying "do something about it now" - you risk ending... READ COMMENT

Sahara30, all due respect, but two weeks is way too early for anything. I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago, after a year the tip started sinking, it just kind of fell down, looked awful. After revision rhinoplasty my nose got blue and now it... READ COMMENT

You know best what to do. All I am saying is rhinoplasty is a lottery and even the best surgeon sometimes makes mistakes. So if that happens to you then not only will you live being ashamed of your looks but also of the fact that it... READ COMMENT

I have used many of these devices and no, veinwave and veingogh is basically the same thing. It is thermocoagulation. Not sclerotherapy at all. They both do what laser does, coagulate the vein through heat, but with a needle instead. READ COMMENT

You look GREAT!!! I would have never thoughtof th hump if you hadnt pointed it out. And you know what, everybody has their particular looks, thats what makes us special. What makes me worry about you is your self hatred. That is what is... READ COMMENT