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life changing - multiple bad rhinoplasty surgeries and bad brow and s-lift

I've had 3 surgeries with Dr Jacono and they have all been bad. The first one where he took a significant amount off the length of my nose without consent was followed by my nose collapsing. I just had the 3rd surgery where he was supposed to lenghthen my nose, even out the sides and fix the are... READ MORE

Rhynoplasty Society - New York, NY

If you are considering rhinoplasty and looking for a doctor, I would not count on the Rhinoplasty Society providing you with a list of elite reliable surgeons. I used two of the doctors who are members of the rhinoplasty society. The 1stt doctor, applied cartilage unevenly and the 2nd doctor... READ MORE

Not Worth It. New York, NY

The Dr has no interpersonal skills. He spends no time with you to discuss options. It's also difficult to even have a discussionI tried vbeam and excel two times and it did nothing. There are plenty of better doctors out there who actually take the time to determine the best treatment. Don't... READ MORE

Questions from Lifechanging

Spreader Graft in Nose to be Removed?

Can a spreader graft that makes your bridge look higher and nose wider be removed? READ MORE

Is there anything I can do about the blue hue to my nose after rhinoplasty with a spreader graft? (photo)

I have had 4 rhinoplasty surgeries. One of the many issues is that my nose is blue and it has been a year since my surgery. A spreader graft was added and it has most likely... READ MORE

4 rhinoplasty surgeries and my nose is blue (photos)

I've had 4 surgeries. The most recent to try and lengthen my nose after Andrew Jacono drastically reduced the length. I did not want the length reduced so he tried to lengthen... READ MORE

Close nosed rhinoplasty - Removal of spreader grafts

I have had 4 rhinoplasty surgeries. Most recently to help lengthen my nose after the surgeon took off most of the cartilage from my nose. The surgeon put spreader grafts which... READ MORE

Brow lift

Can a brow lift be reversed? I had a brow lift and the surgeon lifted them up too high over my eyes. In addition one side is higher then the other. Pictures available under my... READ MORE

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Dr kofi boahene

Has anyone had revision rhinoplasty with dr kofi boahene? READ MORE

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Thanks. I tried dermablend but it didn't help. I'll try kat Von d. My nose is always running (another side effect of surgery) so in not sure anything will really conceal for much time but truly appreciate the recommendation. Thanks READ COMMENT

Thanks. I'm sorry as well that you had bad results. No one should have bad results. I've heard of Cochran but haven't gone to see him. I'm happy you found someone to help you. READ COMMENT

I did not have the same experience with jacono. I've posted some pictures if anyone wants to take a look. Could we see some pictures? READ COMMENT

Actually he used cartilage from inside my ear-typo. Yes revisionhatemylife is correct I had too many surgeries in a short period of time. He encouraged me too particularly in the last surgery. He never mentioned any of the risks and I... READ COMMENT

Can you post some pictures? I have done so if anyone would like to look at them. READ COMMENT