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Best Treatment For Wrinikles Around My Eyes?

I was referring to wrinkles radiating from around my eyes, from the inner corner to the arch above and to the bridge of my nose; they're thankfully faint, but I really hate... READ MORE

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This is what I've found with permanent makeup - it SUCKS. I've had it done 3 times with 3 different technicians, and the results: it hurts LIKE HELL (the numbing cream is a joke) and the results fade in WEEKS. PLUS the brows are usually... READ COMMENT

Well, your pictures have convinced me that Vanquish CAN work. I can see a real difference in the before-and-afters. If only it was GUARANTEED to work and wasn't so expensive! READ COMMENT

You look amazing! And never doubt for a moment that it's worth it. You sound like a wonderful lady who totally deserves to pamper herself. (Although the healing process doesn't FEEL like pampering, I know!) Your results are stunning.... READ COMMENT

Somehow I knew, after reading your review, that your surgeon is Dr. Nayak. He is very DAMN good! READ COMMENT

Okay, have to say this - WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD ANY WOMAN WANT TO HAVE AN ASS LIKE THE ONE IN THAT SECOND PICTURE? It's way out of proportion - grossly out of proportion - with the rest of her body. How is that a renewal or better in... READ COMMENT