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Best Treatment For Wrinikles Around My Eyes?

I was referring to wrinkles radiating from around my eyes, from the inner corner to the arch above and to the bridge of my nose; they're thankfully faint, but I really hate... READ MORE

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Somehow I knew, after reading your review, that your surgeon is Dr. Nayak. He is very DAMN good! READ COMMENT

Okay, have to say this - WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD ANY WOMAN WANT TO HAVE AN ASS LIKE THE ONE IN THAT SECOND PICTURE? It's way out of proportion - grossly out of proportion - with the rest of her body. How is that a renewal or better in... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for posting your pictures and keeping us informed of your progress. I'm thinking of getting the same procedure and this is very helpful! READ COMMENT

Don't be depressed, please - your review will be read by others as a cautionary tale, so it IS helpful. I think that the places that offer procedures like Vanquish and Coolsculpting should offer a money-back guarantee if there isn't a... READ COMMENT

Thank you for this review. You took the time to research the procedure thoroughly, which is more than the people at that clinic you visited apparently did. The information you've provided will doubtless help others. I hope you find a... READ COMMENT