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Still fat

Hello...i am 30 years old with 3 kids,13,6,4 i've always wanted a tummy since my second son was born..i gain like 70 pounds with him.well i manged to lose the weight but found out i was havin my baby after taking all different kinds of birth control i decided to get my tubes tied. i... READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard or Delt with a Dr from Philly Named Dr Carmen Dimario - Philadelphia, PA

Hey ladies, we are all in the same boat.we are all seeking big bootys lol.i been doing a little research..I found this doctor in Philadelphia names dr. Carmen dimario.I can't seem to find a lot of information on this doctor so I just wantet some feed back regrading this doctor. .the price sounds... READ MORE

Questions from omgitsgoingdown30

4months Post Op Ty N Look Round? (photo)

I had a Tt w lipo done 4months ago n I still look first he said it was swelling but now his not sure.he send me to get a ct scan done so currently waiting on results... READ MORE

Is Lipo Worth It At This Point? (photo)

I had a tt w/lipo n muscle repair on 3/15/2013...I still look n feel doctor kept telling me is was swelling.I knew it wasn't so I wait a couple of months then I said... READ MORE

Will you recommend additional lipo? (photo)

Hello..I had a full tt with muscle repair n lipo in March12' still not happy with my results.I must admit it's a big difference,but not what I was expecting.i had a ct... READ MORE

Do I need a tt revision or additional lipo?

I had a full tt with muscle repair on March 14 2013.I am not happy with my results.I still look round.n to top it off I don't feel tight.I had a ct scan done to make sure... READ MORE

Do I need a tt revision? (photo)

I had a full tt with muscle repair on March 15 2013.I am not happy at doctor had a ct scan done on me to make sure everything was fine.(it was ) I only felt tight for a... READ MORE

Will additional Liposuction help me achieve a the stomach tightness I want? (photos)

I had a full tt w/lipo n m/r done on 3-15-13 I used a very well known doc and paid good money I just don't feel tight and I feel like some more skin should be taking off at the... READ MORE