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Should I Have a Revision for This? (photo)

After children and breastfeeding I decided to have a breast augmentation thirteen months ago. I had 230 cc silicon, high profile, textured implants placed in front of the... READ MORE

I might have a rupture in my implant, do I need a scan?

I am looking to have a revision for asymmetry. During a consultation I had the surgeon told me my implant on left side had turned the wrong way round and that there might be a... READ MORE

Will high cohesive implants give me visible edge in the upper pole area? (photo)

My surgeon recommends replacing my Allergan CUI implants for the better quality Nagor. The CUI are a 95% silicon gel filled type of implant. The Nagors are soft touch, high... READ MORE

Is it safe to take 800mg of vitamin E to prevent CC?

My right breast feels a little bit firmer then the left and in order to prevent further hardening of the capsule I have been taking 800mg of vitamin E for six weeks. Is it safe... READ MORE

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I know exactly how you feel because I also have a nose that sways to one side and it's the half profile on the "problem side" which is so annoying! But just like you say the other half profile on the other side is perfectly fine. So I... READ COMMENT

Ok I totally understand that you just want what you had before kids and aiming for a natural petit look. I think many of us who had kids feel that way. But there is a lot you need to consider before making a final decision. First of all... READ COMMENT

Very interesting to read about what you found out from all your research. I thought that pherhaps it was the other way around, that the leading country with the "latest" in breastimplants surgery would be USA! If you look at the... READ COMMENT

Good to hear that the swelling is going down and that the shape is improving as well. I'm sure it will keep getting better and better as the healing continues. With my first BA I went with Transform but for legal reasons unfortunately I... READ COMMENT

Hello bb08 I'm not sure what the subfascial is exactly but if you are considering overs I can honestly say I'm very happy with that choice. If you want you can look at my pictures but just to let you know I had a correction a year ago... READ COMMENT