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Should I Have a Revision for This? (photo)

After children and breastfeeding I decided to have a breast augmentation thirteen months ago. I had 230 cc silicon, high profile, textured implants placed in front of the... READ MORE

I might have a rupture in my implant, do I need a scan?

I am looking to have a revision for asymmetry. During a consultation I had the surgeon told me my implant on left side had turned the wrong way round and that there might be a... READ MORE

Will high cohesive implants give me visible edge in the upper pole area? (photo)

My surgeon recommends replacing my Allergan CUI implants for the better quality Nagor. The CUI are a 95% silicon gel filled type of implant. The Nagors are soft touch, high... READ MORE

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Great to see you here again and I'm happy to hear that the progress is going so well. I love the size and the high profile on you. I'm sure they will both drop more evenly soon and you'll look even better. READ COMMENT

I just read this post and you so nailed it! I love everything you say about the inner struggles with the outer body and finding a balance between these polarities. It's like learning to love both, how my body is naturally but also... READ COMMENT

Yes, I agree. He doesn't need to know every detail about your bras etc. Just let him enjoy seeing you wearing them! READ COMMENT

That is so very sharp. "They are limited to their own knowledge and perception, which most of the times isn't enough to make an educated or justified opinion." This is true of what we all think and say a lot of the time. Perhaps we all... READ COMMENT

Thank you for writing all this. So much of what you are saying are thoughts and experiences I have had myself. First of all being obsessed has never gone away completely for me. Why am I still on this site after two years and two... READ COMMENT