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Congratulations on your recent surgery! What type and size implants did you end up getting? Great point about the rice sizers...always add a little to compensate for any "loss" of volume once the implanted is placed. READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear you were disappointed with your results? How long ago was your surgery?  READ COMMENT

In order to move your review into the breast implant revision community, could you please provide us with a few more details about your procedure? We'd love to know what type and size implants you got this time. Did you have... READ COMMENT

It's hard emotionally too! (Been there too!) Hopefully the anemia is temporary. I'm not a doctor, but I have seen many women become extremely disappointed with their new boobs as they gradually fall into their arm pits, especially if... READ COMMENT

You are wise to get many doctor consults. I'm sure you're time and effort will pay off in the end! Glad you're finding RealSelf helpful. Be sure to continue commenting on reviews you like and find helpful so members can easily find you... READ COMMENT