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Yeah! Glad you feel good about your decision! You are very wise! READ COMMENT

You must feel so liberated. I'm really happy for you! Next time you update your review, feel free to mention that you had your surgeries separate....and why. Sounds like it was best to have two surgeries in the end.  READ COMMENT

Be sure to make a note with your regular doctor too about your reaction to the specific type of antibiotics. Sometimes we don't remember these things 10 years down the road. Glad you're finding RealSelf helpful! READ COMMENT

Congrads on the new boobs! You did it! Love your girlfriend! You'll be home before you know is your baby at home doing...the one that was sick?  READ COMMENT

Glad you have a plan for the kiddos! Here is a helpful link on how to make your own rice sizers at home. They may not be 100% accurate but some women find them very helpful to wear around the house...a lot! ;) READ COMMENT