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No problem on the pictures! One other question the community often likes to tall are you? Many women try to match up stats to see what a certain size implant might look like on their body.  READ COMMENT

You are still quite early in the healing phase to judge your results. Often time the dropping and fluffing that takes place the first few weeks. Keep us posted as you continue to heal. Congratulations...I think you look great!! READ COMMENT

Congratulations on finding the time do this for yourself! Speaking of which, will you have some help with your children the first few days post op? Do you know approximately what size silicone implants you'll be getting? Keep us posted! READ COMMENT

So glad you started a review so we can track your healing progress! When you update your review next time, be sure to include the implant type and size. Hope you're first few days of healing pass quickly. Congratulations! READ COMMENT

Glad you got the perfect breast implant size to suit your active lifestyle. You look great! What type of sports or activities do you partake in and how long do you have to wait to jump back in? Congratulations! READ COMMENT