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You look fabulous! You have been through a lot! Your breasts look very pretty...and so do you! ;) How long until you can go back to the gym...and 'til you can work out your upper body? Feel free to comment on a forum for members with... READ COMMENT

You have an amazingly fit upper body! Glad you spent some time researching doctors. I'm certain your efforts will pay off in the end. ;) What a bonus to do some fat transfer too! This is typically the harder part of the recovery so make... READ COMMENT

Good to hear you'll have plenty of support! Feel free to join the September 2015 breast augmentation surgery forum for some additional "boob" support! READ COMMENT

Oh that's sad to have to reschedule but it would be worse to have major healing complications if you were to have your surgery right now. How many weeks do you have to postpone it? READ COMMENT

What a great collection of wish boob pictures! You're doing a great job with the rice sizers too. Here is an important list of questions to ask during your doctor consult. Update us again soon! READ COMMENT