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Omg reading this is making me not want to consider it. May I ask what the first infection was caused by...was it caused by an inexperienced surgeon or was it just the reaction that ur body had to the implant? I really want to do it but... READ COMMENT

Oh thank you for all the tips. Yea I don't want mine too big I guess I'll discuss it with the doctor since I feel like mine are big and would be fine if they stayed the same but not if they get bigger lol. Oh that's good I only asked bc... READ COMMENT

Oh wow that sounds good. I am not sure how long I will need to be out because my job is a little vigorous since I have to lift heavy things here and there. Do the aureolars get bigger after implants? Did you need to buy a whole new... READ COMMENT

Oh one more thing was ur incision site underneath ur breast? READ COMMENT

Oh that's great to hear. Libra's are the best :) Wow your results look so great. It looks so natural. I would never know. That's good bc I'm hoping to recover and be back and work/school I don't think I want to take more than four or... READ COMMENT