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Do you have regular round silicone implants or do you have the anotomically shaped implants? I think the anatomical ones are the solid form (gummy bear - either Sientra or the 410's). How long did you have to keep the drains in? ... READ COMMENT

I just went to the dr this past Thursday re my exchange. He showed me the various types of implants. He said that with saline or regular silicone implants, no drains are needed. If you choose the "gummy bear" form stable silicone... READ COMMENT

You are so welcome!!! I know what you mean about sleeping on your side!!!! It does feel good to be able to sleep on the side versus staying on your back the whole night! I still can only spend short amounts of time sleeping on my... READ COMMENT

I am so glad it went better than the first fill!!!! That was the same for me. Just continue to take it slowly and do 30cc at a time. It's way better than the pain after the first fill!. Feel good! READ COMMENT

Hi Angel, I'm not positive I fully understand your question, but I'll try to answer in a way I think might make sense (sorry in advance if I misunderstand!). The expanders are placed as the first part of the reconstruction process. ... READ COMMENT