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How Many Cc's of Fat Can Be Transferred into the S at 1 Time (1procedure)? Is 2000 Cc's Possible?

If a person has enough fat, is this possible? Also in lbs. how much would 2000cc's would that be? I know more would be harvested but if the desired amount to be transferred how... READ MORE

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I'm genuinely sorry this has happen to u. Yes ur results do look good but the whole thing that happens when u sit is a deal breaker. I really hope someone can fix this for u because like I said ur results do look good when u are... READ COMMENT

Did you find out what the deal was when you are sitting? It almost looks like its denting in or folding? Has that improved? READ COMMENT

It seems a LOT suspect why a lot of these reviews for this doc don't have pics... So far I've only found a very few (w/pics) ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm READ COMMENT

Dang. So sorry to hear what you went thru :( I can only pray it gets better... His comment of "baboon booty" woulda had me doing an immediate about face, forward march right out of his office. SMH how ignorant "professionals" can be... READ COMMENT

Can you provide more side angles w/o garments on please? READ COMMENT