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How Many Cc's of Fat Can Be Transferred into the S at 1 Time (1procedure)? Is 2000 Cc's Possible?

If a person has enough fat, is this possible? Also in lbs. how much would 2000cc's would that be? I know more would be harvested but if the desired amount to be transferred how... READ MORE

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I think once your issue with dimpling is cured you'll be fine. They may have smaller waists but yours looks natural... Theirs looks unproportioned and stupid looking with tiny toothpick legs/thighs. I hope you continue to keep us... READ COMMENT

Did you have dimple issues before surgery or only after? ...and did it get worse w/ ur weight gain? ...not to be funny but in your opinion do you think your butt looks "natural" ... I ask because it doesn't look bad to me and I'm... READ COMMENT

Also... Does ur butt jiggle or is it still on the firm side? READ COMMENT

Hey lady thank u for replying! Did she only do fat transfer to your butt or do more or add a foreign substance other than your own fat? ...how many CCs were added to your butt too? READ COMMENT

Why do u want to do a round to??? o_O also did she only do fat transfer into ur butt? I ask because it's difficult to see where she pulled fat from since u appeared to be small to begin with...1 more request... Can u offer ur current... READ COMMENT