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Appropriate Rhinoplasty Surgeon in NYC Area? First Time Getting Surgery... (photo)

I need a surgeon who can fix the deformities of my nose, and who can also "westernize" it as well. I am looking to have my crooked/twisted nose straightened, hump removed, tip... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Following Concerns to Be Addressed in the Same Procedure? (photo)

Twisted/crooked nose, wide nose, wide bulbous tip, dorsal hump, undeveloped/low radix, droopy tip, wide flaring nostrils. I assume their will be a septoplasty and rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Cheek Implants For Men? How Effective In Providing a Wider Face?

Traditionally cheek implants are used on women to provide a fuller and rounder cheek contour. But how effective are they proving men with a wider face? If a male has... READ MORE

Does post-op swelling from rhinoplasty cause a wide and bulbous nasal tip and how much?

I had rhinoplasty to improve a wide and bulbous nasal tip but after cast and splint removal it looks the same is it did pre op. I'm 12 days post op, and 3 days after cast... READ MORE

What is the integrity of nasal tip sutures? Could they break, loosen, untie, or become damaged after rhino from mild trauma?

Less than a week post op, while I still had a cast on the nose, and tape on the tip, I was holding my glasses with my fingers to watch tv and they slipped out of my hand and... READ MORE