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BRAVA, Scarless Lift of Left breast and AFT.

Good morning all, I have been lurking on this site for quite some time and am keen on fat transfer to enlarge and even out my small boobs. I have wanted larger breasts for all of my adult life but have not wanted implants or the "look" of them. Instead I prefer the natural feel and shape of my... READ MORE

Questions from jenna13

Is FDA Reversing Brava Finding?

Was scheduled to start my Brava and AFT in the coming weeks but got a call saying FDA sent out an email to Dr's changing its finding. Does anyone know what's going on? READ MORE

Talk to Me AFT Dr's What Going on with Brava and Fat Grafting? Where Do You Stand. Are You Pausing?

Talk to me AFT Dr's what going on with Brava and fat grafting? Where do you stand? What are you doing with current patients on Brava protocol? Are you pausing fat transplant to... READ MORE

Final Results of Liposuction?

Hello all and thank you in advance for your feedback. What does it mean when Dr's say seeing "final results in lipo"? Does your body continue to shrink for up to a year? I... READ MORE

Must I Hide Myself at my 20th Reunion, Lipo Healing? (photo)

Thank you all, I have a big function 4 months after my lipo procedure (circumferential torso inner and outer thighs.) Would typical/average healing allow me to look "normal" I... READ MORE

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Fat transfer without Brava?

Would love to hear about retention rates without pre expansion, did you save any lipo spots for a second round in case you needed it? Thanks so much. READ MORE