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Questions from MaryQA

Swelling After Revanesse?

I injucted my face with revanesse last Thuesday like 3 days ago . The doctor told me there will be swelling for 48 hours and . I was happy with the result but later there was... READ MORE

Can I Use Different Dermal Filler After 1 Month?

Hello, I did Revanesse dermal filler on my cheek 5 weeks ago. I went for retouch two weeks after that, at the beggining after the swelling all gone, it was amazing and I wish... READ MORE

Adam's Apple on Thin People

I am 34 years old female (Ugly one) but I have two problem that bother me most. one of the the very obvious Adam's apple. I don't know if there is a possible way to make less... READ MORE

It is OK to Do Face Peel After Injecting Fillers?

I have appointment next week to add fillers on my cheek but I want to make Glycolic acid peel to my skin to improve my skin texture ( I have some scars and brown spot ). I want... READ MORE

Who should perform an Adams Apple reduction?

I am 34 old female (I think so !) . I am very self conscious about my look, because I have thin face and I have prominent Adams apple. I want to do Adams apple reduction but... READ MORE

How frequently should I have Restylane to maintain the results and add volume without becoming addicted?

I usually do Restylane Perlane on my cheeks to add volume and my laugh line and it look amazing, but after a while the fillers always seem less . still there is a slight... READ MORE

Can I get an Adam Apple reduction in london?

I want a good recommendation for a doctor for Adams apple reduction in London if possible, The place I am form Middle East we don't have expert Doctor on Adams Apple reduction... READ MORE

What are the risk for tracheal shave surgery to reduce Adams apple?

I am a female about to do tracheal shave surgery to reduce Adams apple appearance and I was wondering is there any risks that can happens like weakening the area or neck... READ MORE

Recent comments from MaryQA

Sorry Lis.botulism for your horrible experience and thanks for sharing this with, I just had my first Botox treatment and I wish I read your story before, I will not do it again for sure. My question, you seem is very good mental... READ COMMENT