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Questions from MaryQA

Swelling After Revanesse?

I injucted my face with revanesse last Thuesday like 3 days ago . The doctor told me there will be swelling for 48 hours and . I was happy with the result but later there was... READ MORE

Can I Use Different Dermal Filler After 1 Month?

Hello, I did Revanesse dermal filler on my cheek 5 weeks ago. I went for retouch two weeks after that, at the beggining after the swelling all gone, it was amazing and I wish... READ MORE

Adam's Apple on Thin People

I am 34 years old female (Ugly one) but I have two problem that bother me most. one of the the very obvious Adam's apple. I don't know if there is a possible way to make less... READ MORE

It is OK to Do Face Peel After Injecting Fillers?

I have appointment next week to add fillers on my cheek but I want to make Glycolic acid peel to my skin to improve my skin texture ( I have some scars and brown spot ). I want... READ MORE

Who should perform an Adams Apple reduction?

I am 34 old female (I think so !) . I am very self conscious about my look, because I have thin face and I have prominent Adams apple. I want to do Adams apple reduction but... READ MORE

How frequently should I have Restylane to maintain the results and add volume without becoming addicted?

I usually do Restylane Perlane on my cheeks to add volume and my laugh line and it look amazing, but after a while the fillers always seem less . still there is a slight... READ MORE

Can I get an Adam Apple reduction in london?

I want a good recommendation for a doctor for Adams apple reduction in London if possible, The place I am form Middle East we don't have expert Doctor on Adams Apple reduction... READ MORE

What are the risk for tracheal shave surgery to reduce Adams apple?

I am a female about to do tracheal shave surgery to reduce Adams apple appearance and I was wondering is there any risks that can happens like weakening the area or neck... READ MORE

Are there any good doctors who can do a facial implant / chin implant in Iran?

I want to ask if doctors know good doctors for facial implant in Iran/Tehran. And need some advice . I have very thin face and also I don't like my profile ( I can send... READ MORE

11 days post op, I have swelling in one cheek after fat injection. Is this normal?

I had Fat injuction to my malar cheeks 10 days ago, today 11 . I still feel my face is stiff and I can't smile or laugh like I used to do before. My cheeks still sore but in... READ MORE

When is the best time to dissolve overfill Fat grafting?

I had fat grafting 2 weeks ago, so far so good accept one little tiny part of my left cheel that is I feel overfilled. I am not sure if it is sweeling of overfilled but... READ MORE

I had fat injection/fat graft 19 days ago. One side of my face is back to normal causing to be uneven. Will it even out?

I had fat injection 19 days ago. One side of my face is back to normal , like I did nothing :) only it became higher likd cheekbone which I like it but I am concerning that it... READ MORE

Recent comments from MaryQA

Sorry Lis.botulism for your horrible experience and thanks for sharing this with, I just had my first Botox treatment and I wish I read your story before, I will not do it again for sure. My question, you seem is very good mental... READ COMMENT