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almost 2 1/2 years post op

Last week I received my insurance approval for surgery. Currently, I'm 125lbs.; and I wear a bra size of 30-32E (ideal size is a 31E). This surgery is something I have wanted for the past 7-8 years. After my mid-February consultation, I was surprised at how easily it was for me to: obtain... READ MORE

3rd PicoSure Tx (15 q-switch Tx's) & Started another Tattoo w/PicoSure (pics).

Yesterday I completed my first session of laser removal. In total, Im having three tattoos removed. Two of the tattoos being removed are on my arms, and the third, is on my back. I must say, I'm a little disappointed after my first session. I know this is going to be a process. And I know that... READ MORE

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Worried my tech isn't turning up the Q-switch laser to a strong enough number to be producing any effects. Is this right?

I'm on my 5th and 3rd laser removal session (Q-switch). I've noticed that when the tech is performing the treatments, he only turns the laser up to 2.3. I've seen on many of... READ MORE

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Yep the bactine spray helped. I didn't realize it has lidocaine in it!! READ COMMENT

I used to use ice packs but they caused my to bruise. It would look like I had frostbite when I used ice during the treatment. The tech I see now actually gives me a hose from another laser in their office that blows really cool air.... READ COMMENT

That's a good idea, and I have some!! Thanks, I will try it. READ COMMENT

They are running a special at $1000. For unlimited treatments for a year. Then you pay $20 for each session you show up to. And you can schedule as many as you want, including treatments for aged skin spots, sun damage, etc. it's really... READ COMMENT

I'm right there with you. I had my first Picosure treatment today- after having about 15 with the q-switch (I've actually lost count). I think I expected more immediate results today... There are so many other days I contemplate a... READ COMMENT