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Love Botox - Destin, FL

I get botox around my eyes, forehead and between botox lasts 4mths...I get it done every 4mths just like getting my hair done :) never had any side effects....been getting botox for the past don't have any before pics as soon as i saw a wrinkle froze it :)....I do not tan... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Using Your Own Fascia -Gulf Shores, AL

Pros: body doesn't reject, does make lips fuller than natural lips you were born with ; no infection, pretty easy recovery Cons: I myself my body re-adsorbed a percentage of it; not all of it but enough where it took some of my pout away, but still bigger than my natural lips; fascia was... READ MORE

Love my permalips

So this is my second time around for surgery on my lips...been doing alot of research on Permalip and reading reviews, looking at pics and watching actual surgery on youtube. After gathering all the info. and speaking with my PS decided to move forward with having sugery....I would say though... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Pensacola, FL

So I have decided to go forward w a consult on having upper eyelid surgery... My consult is scheduled for Thursday jan 30 ... Iam one of these girls that don't want to wait until I'm real old to have surgery... As I see something creeping up on me I like to take care of it as I need it vs... READ MORE

Questions from Fitmom1

How to Do You Know Your PS Has the Right Measurement with Your Permalip Implant?

What decision do you base the measurement of the lip implant to decide which length is best for you? Is it suppose to go all the way into the corners or ending just few before?... READ MORE

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Thank you I'm trusting ya ... I plan on setting up a consult for my top redo w butler ... I will definitely let ya know when I have it fixed my experience ... Like I said before the one tool kind freaks me out READ COMMENT

Still looking good ... It is a confidence boost when we get our new lips.... Your healing process is going so good ;) READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear you had such a bad experience I had upper eyelid done 18 days ago and turn out great but I have other friends that had uppers and lowers w no complications w their eyes due to the surgery... There's a lot of factors... READ COMMENT

It's been smooth sailing other than me trying to push a little bit in the's so hard for those of us who are so active :) ... Our eyes will tell us if we're doing too much ... I admit I was wrong for trying to push myself ...... READ COMMENT

Thank you :)) READ COMMENT