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Do you think it's probably worth a shot or would it probably make it worse? I don't know if I should just wait and see if it gets better at all on its own...How did you do the controlled sun exposure? What spf, how long, how many times... READ COMMENT

My last treatment was in May 2008, so about a year ago. I did tan a little bit after because I was on a trip near the beach in May. I also tanned a little over the summer but it probably wasn't until around July, so I guess I thought it... READ COMMENT

Hi! I was very interested in what you wrote about fixing your hypopigmentation problem. I had laser hair removal done on my upper lip from Dec 2007 til May 2008 and had no problems. However, this past November, I started noticing that... READ COMMENT

Hey! I am very interested in hearing more about fixing the hypopigmentation problem. I had some laser treatment done on my upper lip and now it is lighter than the rest of my face. It isn't a severe problem but it's very noticeable to... READ COMMENT