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Hey Guys! early pre-op pictures added

Hey sistass! im Nari, im 17 years (turning 18 in july) and im new to this site, been stalking for like 9 days straight though.. I feel like im sooo blessed to have discovered this site! I'm a really tall female im about 6ft0'' or even 6ft1'' but I really want a Kim Kardashian shape. At... READ MORE

Questions from Narii

Can an AS Genotype Person Undergo a Completely Normal BBL and a Good Recovery?

Arent AS genotype people the ones popularly called 'people with sickle cell trait'? Im concerned and need to know before making decisions. Really want a BBL but im an AS so im... READ MORE

I'm 6ft tall. Does my height play a major role in determining Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Hi everyone I just want to know what you think about height in relation to the BBL procedure as Iv been thinking of late if it's the best for me. I'm tall for a girl 6'0"(I get... READ MORE

Could personal skin choices affect future BBL procedure?

I'm a black female who lightens her skin and im to embark on a fresh lightening phase with use (controlled) of hydroquinine,kojic Acid amongst others.My butt is particularly so... READ MORE

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Loool I can't wait to either be Fisherfied or Cabralised lol.. Xxx READ COMMENT

Yassssss #teamtallgirls!!! Ok hun will be hopping in and out of ya page for updates #youlooksodamngood #yasgirlyassss lmao READ COMMENT

You look tremendous hun omg!! I get so happy when I see reviews from fellow tall girls! Im a whooping 6'0'' and its not much reviews from taller girls.. Please post more pics!! Might just use u as my example to fisher READ COMMENT

Thanks once again hun.. And Cabral is a pure beast! His work is SO good he's one of the doctors that top my list. It's either him or Fisher here in US. How do u find doctors for the etching procedure in Columbia hun? Is there like a... READ COMMENT

Wow thanks so much for the insight.. After going through her page I suspected that it was Cabral cos I follow Cabral too and I saw a similar video.. Do u think her results were from 1 round or like 2 rounds? And also please can I PM you... READ COMMENT