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Can some one please give me an answer, on why, after 15 months I still have a Nike swoosh looking shape under each eye?

One dr. That saw me in person said that my muscles are working fine, had Botox under each eye top if cheek and crows feet. 10 units altogether. Is it fallen tissue, festoons,... READ MORE

Can my eye muscles compensate for the muscles that did not receive botox?

I was botoxed crowd feet under each eye and on top of each cheek. My question is, did all my muscles around my eyes get botoxed or not? And can some muscles take over for the... READ MORE

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Does bags under eyes from botox ever go away

I received botox on June 14 2012, I didnt have deep wrinkles just wanted something for my fine lines around my eyes, but RN recommended just a little botox, crows feet and... READ MORE

Has anyone had Botox over a year and the muscles around your eyes are jumping? Are my nerves healing or are they damaged?

It has been 20 months since my injections and it was my first time. I've been doing facial exercises for 6 months and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with them jumping.... READ MORE