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The swelling will go down take antihistamine at night ,try a warm cloth on face READ COMMENT

I believe after researching that its not an allergic response most of the time its that radiesse is such a thick consistency product and has to be injected so deep that it sits on top of sinuses and malar pads when injected in cheeks... READ COMMENT

This actually was a botched touch up done 3 months apart and I had it done a year before so radiesse doesn't hold up as long as some people are saying it dissolves about a year READ COMMENT

I'm on month 10 and my radiesse has almost dissolved so my nightmare is over my face was uneven , but I exercise like a crazy woman so it prob metabolized quick , I'm thinking of going to a nurse I went to before for more READ COMMENT

Will my face go back to normal once radiesse dissolves even if one side is larger than the other? I'm afraid it won't. Will the larger side always appear larger because of the collagen growth? Or is the collagen growth subtle unless I... READ COMMENT