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Regretted my Implants, I wanted them out ASAP - UK, and got them out! : )

I haven't been feeling right since my BA operation 10 days ago (not just physically sick). I thought it might be the drugs. In the booklet I have been given it say's patients can become depressed after surgery etc. However I am feeling like I have made the worse decision of my life and feeling... READ MORE

Questions from daintygirl

Is Implant Removal/explant More More Complicated After Dual Plane BA?

I have 275cc dual plane BA about a month ago. I hate them I am having them removed in another 2 months. I have been told I have to wait this long before I have another general... READ MORE

I Am Having a Breast Explant Months After Original BA, Will the Scar Heal As well As After BA?

I had 275cc dual plane 5 weeks ago, and haven't liked them since day one. I am having them removed (explant) 3 months after orginal BA date. Does re-opening a scar for removal... READ MORE

Will my Boobs Look Smaller After Breast Explant Than What They Were Originally?

I had 275cc dual plane BA nearly 6 weeks ago. I haven't liked them since day 1. My surgeon will remove them at the 3 month mark but not b4 to give me a chance to get used to... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take You Breasts to Recover, if Your Lucky Retract, Firm/fluff Up After Implant Removal?

I had 275cc partial implants just over 3 months ago, which I hated following a horrible hospital experience. They came out huge on my petite frame. I had them removed 9 days... READ MORE