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A Surgeon Offered to 'Slant' my (Quite Pretty) Eyes a Little. However He Shaved off Lots of Bone and I Look Odd?

What can I do? The skin droops a lot above the eyes due to the bone that held it up being gone. I need it improved but do not know who to see for such a problem? It is a... READ MORE

This is an Embarrassing Topic BUT ....Is There a Way of Eliminating a 'Camel Toe'?

I feel embarrassed by fat on the pubic area which might be (or might not be) partly due to a bit of a droopy tummy after pregnancy. I realise a tummy tuck might help but I... READ MORE

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Dr Sohn sounds lovely and, more importantly, excellent at surgery. It would be nice to see some photos of you before and after but I can understand that not everyone feels comfortable doing that. READ COMMENT

If only the law would be fair and let patients sue doctors like this. It is ridiculous that so many get away with so much. They take the money and it is not cheap and should be made to pay if they mess up (like other professions apart... READ COMMENT

Sorry message got cut off! It is so risky getting any procedure done when even 'top' doctors like Mr Stevens can behave so badly. Anything can go wrong with any surgery even when it is done well of course but if it is not done well.... READ COMMENT

Hi thank you very much for your comments and I am sorry to hear how you had to suffer for Mr Steven's unprofessional behaviour. I used to say 'sue them' but so many posts on here say you cannot because USA surgeons make the patient sign... READ COMMENT

Also would you mind saying a little about why you gave a low score to 'after care follow up'? and not five stars to other categories? Maybe you do not feel able to say too much in case you need to see the same surgeon again! READ COMMENT