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Was Not Worth It :-( - Medford, OR

In 2006 I had a breast lift with implants done with Dr. Jensen. I was disappointed with my results from the moment I had my boob job done. One was lopsided than the other, had to have a revision twice and still they look horrible. I'm soooooo sad when I look in the mirror. The scars look... READ MORE

1 year post op!! finally!! My amazing transformation! 170lbs to 125lbs!! Dr. Clark is amazing!!

My name is Sarah. I'm a mother of almost three. My son is 12 my daughter is 4 and I'm currently pregnant. I have a scheduled c-section on March 28th, 2014. I'm finally making the choice to have a tummy tuck after I give birth to my son next year. I have tossed the idea around for 10 years and... READ MORE

Knee, Ankle and calve Liposuction -June 18th Folsom, CA

My name is Sarah and I am 5'4 with three children. I have been researching tummy tucks (click here to read my review) and ankle liposuction for years now. I'm ready to get both done but not sure when or how I will be able to afford it. I have put everyone first all my life and I'm hoping I can... READ MORE

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Thank you for the compliment:-). You look great! Don't beat yourself up over something you can't control! Swell hell is what it means lol and it sucks!! Your belly button looks fabulous and your progress all together is amazing!! Keep... READ COMMENT

Omg your boobs are really big lol! I know you want to shoot for the stars but you have the universe on your chest hahaha. I remember my belly button was so swollen that it would look like it's not centered or either leaning more to the... READ COMMENT

No it won't last that long as it only lasted about two months for me. Even when I have my period I still don't bloat as much. Since we had the same ps who does wonderful work, I'm sure the swelling will go down in a month. Remember keep... READ COMMENT

Yaaay baby got boobies lol. You are looking fabulous girl!! READ COMMENT

You look amazing!! Are you walking hunched or up straight? Your boobies look fabulous. Once they settle they will even look more fabulous. I think they look really big already lol. I think mine look small but everyone says they are... READ COMMENT