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Regretting a Fresh Tattoo - Virginia, VA

Here goes. Much like many others in this nifty little community, I have a one month old blob of a coverup tattoo on my shoulder and chest. The original tattoo is only about three months old. I'm so dumb. The original tattoo wasn't bad, but was unfinished and definitely had some flaws. The guy... READ MORE

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Hey there! Welcome to this awesome community! I understand those feelings of not knowing where you belong, or where you fit in. I'm 32 years old, and still don't know exactly who I am. I love tattoos, and I want to have them. On the... READ COMMENT

Hey there! I couldn't agree more with these reviewers offering their advice/harsh opinions in some cases. I'm glad someone finally said it! READ COMMENT

Awesome fading of the blue! Are you getting the entire tattoo removed? Are you going for full removal or a cover? For healing, my doc says to keep it moisturized with Aquaphor or something similar. I know that staying very hydrated... READ COMMENT

Good for you for trusting your gut! I wish I could learn to trust mine more. I hope that you find that the scar laser works well. You have come such a long way. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Daisygirl1080, thanks a lot! I'm happy that I've had a lot of fading too. I haven't had much scarring, I do have a bit in one small section. I hope to get a beautiful cover...just have to keep at it for now! READ COMMENT