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Liplift Complications

Over 2 years ago, I had a liplift where the plastic surgeon operated on skin and muscle. Immediately after surgery I noticed that the lip did not move normally. It’s longer now. I cannot lift the center vertically. The middle part of my lip seems to be partially paralyzed. When I smile I have... READ MORE

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LIPLIFT Complications? Cannot Lift Center, Crease When Smiling, Etc?

Had a liplift 2 yrs ago; doctor removed skin and folded or cut the muscle. Immediately after surgery, the lip did not move normally and was longer. Longer now-and cannot lift... READ MORE

Muscle Lip Lift Revision Question?

If during your liplift the doctor attached the muscle to the periosteum, can this be reversed permanently? Will scar tissue reform? I know of a woman who went to a surgeon to... READ MORE

Longer Upper Lip After Liplift?

If during a liplift the labii superioris muscle or anterior nasalis muscle, was cut or injured resulting in a longer, flat lip that does not lift vertically, can that be... READ MORE

Can You Reverse a Muscle Subnasal Lip Lift?

I had a subnasal liplift where the doctor folded the muscle and then attached the muscle to the periosteum. Can this be reversed permanently? Will scar tissue reform? I was... READ MORE

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Oh and I forgot to mention that your doctor did a perfect job under your nose. There is no distortion of your nostrils at all, which is something that you practically always see, when the lip lift is lifted with the muscle hemming... READ COMMENT

You look adorable. and it is wonderful that all your movements look normal. I wish I had gone to a doctor that did not hem my muscle. Every day I suffer with the consequences of that decision that I will regret for the rest of my life. READ COMMENT

I am very impressed with your outcome. Like Unoq, my liplift was unsuccessful, so I love to see ones that come out beautiful. And, I agree about ZIZI, no matter how bad you feel about yourself, she gives you hope. READ COMMENT

That is probably why most of the doctors here in the US are not using it! That is pretty sad especially when the surgical costs can certainly cover the extra cost of the best suture material! READ COMMENT

Oh and I wanted to say that the fact that your doctor is using the hypoallergenic dissolvable suture is a very good thing, BTY. READ COMMENT