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Septoplasty Turbinate Reduction and Possible Rhinoplasty - After Nose Fracture

I have broken my nose several times throughout my life but have never gone to the ER or the doctor. Basically I have just iced it and moved on. 7 days ago I fell on some ice and hit my face on my car...(I'm very graceful) and since then I have not been able to breathe out of my right side of my... READ MORE

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Broken Nose, Deviated Septum, Cartilege Deformity? (photo)

I've broken my nose several times, most recently 6 months ago. Last week I fell on some ice and since then its hard to breathe, i get severe headaches& developed sleep... READ MORE

Septoplasty/Least Invasive Rhinoplasty Advice? (photo)

I'm getting my broken nose fix and a Septoplasty. I would like to have a cosmetic adjustment and want the least amount of work done possible. I don't mind the bump I think with... READ MORE