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Chin/ arms / bra fat lipo after one year post op bbl procedure .

I m sorta new to this bbl realself but been reading post from everyone for the past 6 months, this website has really helped me to make a decision to go through this , thank you ladies for taking your time to advise and tell your experience, the ugly, the bad, and the good. My height is 5.1 120... READ MORE

Velashape After Lipo - Orlando, FL

Had lipo n bbl done 1 year ago with dr Salama in Miami Florida , revision 3 months ago with same surgeon , surgeon recommended velashape treatments to smooth out results , so I inquired about a clinic close to my house , they had a deal for 10 for 750.00 so went ahead n got me a package ,... READ MORE

Questions from MissRT

Is It Recommended to Do Light Cardio and Butt Exercises Months Prior to BBL Surgery?

Planning to have BBL surgery in JUly 15th but was not sure if is recommendable to do light cardio and butt exercises to build my strength months prior to surgery. READ MORE

armpit Lipo done , (not arms) , but my doctor did NOT recommended any garment , was it wise to follow his advise ?

At week 5 post op i don't see any improvement on armpit lipo, dr did not recommended any garment for my armpit area, was it wise to follow his advise ?i still have lots of... READ MORE

When does fat drop after revision bbl? (photos)

Dent on lower buttock area after revision at week 5 post op. Will dent go away with time once fat settles ? or this means I hv to go back for a revision of a revision. Dr put... READ MORE

7 weeks post op BBL revision , can't determine if this is a dent, cellulite or discoloration? Please help ! (photo)

At 7 week post op bbl revision, can't determine if is dent or cellulite or discoloration , why this happened ? Prior to revision I didn't have this issue . Dr injected left... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Revision failed - dent is back 7 weeks post op. Why this is happening again? (photo)

Went in for revision to have fat grafted on my right side ( see pix) fat is slowing disappearing and dent Is back at 7 weeks post op . Is it my body refusing to take fat or is... READ MORE

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Lipo results take time for sure. . I m doing chin lipo in two weeks along with arms . Hope your results come out very good. . Happy healings READ COMMENT

Oh my that is very good to know ., i love ur results, keep wearing that cincher as long as u can , ur waist will thank you. I think for my first bbl i wore cincher up to 3 months, waist went down to 25 and keeping it this way ( from 30) READ COMMENT

Wow great great results !!!! Any tips on the chin lipo . Please any tips will be so appreciated. . I m getting very little responses from anyone who had done chin lipo . Was it worth it ? Painful. ? READ COMMENT

Maybe if u keep wearing ur garment at night might help to give u evenly healing READ COMMENT

Scarring ? I will follow your blog very closely . Wishing u speedy recovery . Overall do u think is worth doing arms n chin , ? I know for sure doing arms regardless of the pain but undecided about the chin READ COMMENT