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I don't know why all these plastic surgeons are still injecting juvederm and restylane into the tear trough areas. They know they're not supposed to be doing it! These fillers are NOT meant to be injected underneath the eyes, into the... READ COMMENT

Acupuncture for what? And What was gone?? READ COMMENT

Have you done either of these programs? Can you tell me the exercises they did for this area?I heard that both of those programs were really aggressive and caused more harm than good. I read that it gave some more wrinkles than they... READ COMMENT

Anabana, Try looking up Facial Detox. It's worked wonders for my 11's. I don't do the whole program, just bits and pieces. It's basically rubbing your 11's with the back of your hand. You just go back and forth along your 11's with... READ COMMENT

Also...If anyone has any good exercises or has been able to get rid of marionette lines (corner of mouth to chin lines) without the use of fillers, please let me know! I really need to get rid of these ugly creases that make me look so... READ COMMENT