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You can contract your cheeks 2 ways. One way is to keep your lips closed and smile upwards towards your eye on one side of your face, Then do the same with the other side. Or, you can open your mouth to the shape of an O but wrap... READ COMMENT

I totally agree! They are all evil. My friend had her lips done and they were too overdone. She looked like a duck! So, she had that dissolving gel put into them and not only did the remainder of the filler migrate to her chin but... READ COMMENT

I'm with you Reamy.......I couldn't agree more! READ COMMENT

I agree too! The supposed before pic doesn't even look like her! READ COMMENT

No, they are not....This was done 3 years ago and I have spent a lot of money trying to fix them and they still don't look good! I am in my 40's and look like I am in my 60's or 70's baggy, saggy dark circled eyes. I never had this... READ COMMENT