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I'm just wondering if anyone out here has had a chance to try Honeybee's facial exercises? I'd just like to know how they liked them and if they felt they worked or didn't work? And why? Thanks READ COMMENT

Well, it looks wonderful! You must tell me was is awfully painful? And how was the recovery? And the bigger ? is are you happy with the results thus far? I've always been interested in getting one, I'm very afraid of the pain, how... READ COMMENT

I apologize, I just re-read your post and noticed you had already put your age on there..lol. I think you look great! Whoever did your facelift did a wonderful job! Alot of facelifts have that pulled back look. Yours looks very... READ COMMENT

Goldanimals, I just saw your pics and you don't look like I was expecting at all! I think you notice it more because it's on you and we tend to notice more about what bothers us not what others really see. Then we start obsessing. May... READ COMMENT

InnerBeauty and Jude, May I ask how old the both of you are?? I'm cf Irish decent as well and was a sun worshiper well into my early 30s. At what age did you ladies start noticing such drastic changes. In your skin? READ COMMENT