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Flat Brown Dot Mole Inside the Skin Can Laser Remove It?

I have a flat brown dot mole or birthmark inside the skin and was wondering if laser can remove it? is it just like removing a tattoo because they both like inside the skin and... READ MORE

What is the Best Penile Implant for Erectile Dysfunction Surgery?

What is the best piece penile implant for erectile dysfunction surgery? I am considering this surgery and am looking for the best surgeon as i know read alot of bad surgeries.... READ MORE

I Was Wondering if There is a Plastic Surgery to Change Your Voice to Make It Sound Sexier?

Is there a plastic surgery to change your voice and make it sound more sexier? If so who performs it and what is the name of the procedure? I am very interested in this... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Procedure to Have for my Nose Chin and Jaw?

Hi I am considering rhinoplasty but I dont know wich surgeon to go for. I was hoping a surgeon can give me advice as to what procedure to get done for my nose chin and jaw. im... READ MORE

Who is the Best Surgeon for Jaw Implant? (photo)

I been trying to search for a top surgeon that does Jaw Implants but most only do chin implants. I am very interested in Jaw Implant to improve my jaw. I was wondering if any... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get plastic surgery to look like a celebrity? (photo)

How much is a celebrity make over plastic surgery? i am interested in looking like Robin Thicke face. is it possible to get a make over on my face? and how much would it be?... READ MORE

Is there a permanent solution to get rid of fat in your neck and jaw area?

I had a neck and jaw liposuction and the first week it seemed to have worked as I seen a big difference in my neck was skinny again. a week later the fat came back. what can I... READ MORE