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That doesn't really surprise me 70% is quite a powerful peel you off to understand that the acid is quite powerful Some people just have adverse reactions I would suggest an alpha blend peel which is alpha hydroxy READ COMMENT

Glycolic peels normally do not take that long that actual eating the way of your skin by the acid is quite a quick process Also it takes quite a powerful peel to get rid of a problem like that READ COMMENT

I mean spas and dermatologists READ COMMENT

Again sponson dermatologists are not working with the same products I glycolic peel done by a dermatologist is going to be much much stronger than anything used in a spa I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with the glycolic... READ COMMENT

The peels that doctors will give you are going to be it not only a lower pH but also much more deeply exfoliating Cosmetologists will use less invasive products which eventually can give you the same results. READ COMMENT