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There was a time when I cared nothing for my appearance, disheveled, unkempt, dirty or whatever, and I never received any negative remarks for it.Then Puberty hit I suppose. My nose kept growing, and then I broke it on a porch railing. The shape of my nose took a full 180, turning from ski slope... READ MORE

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Hi angie. Thank you for your comment, I was wondering if you could inform me a little as to how the recovery process for these "touch ups" was in comparison to what you experienced healing after your primary. Thanks in advance. READ COMMENT


I'm a little under 5'11. The nose tip usually does drop, my nose was initially in the desired position but it fell due to lack of support. It did not look piggy, it very much suited me, and had it remained that way I would not be on... READ COMMENT

I did see my primary surgeon on the 17th and he said that there were certainly things that could be fixed, but he did not want to do a revision because he believed the amount we had achieved was very good, and I could not really... READ COMMENT

That's generally my belief. I would never in my life ask for a scooped up look. Like you said small is always desirable to the extent that things remain in proportion. I believe I am still out of proportion due to overprojection and... READ COMMENT