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i wasn't sure about my surgery but now.. i LOVE my new boobs!!!!

Hey everyone... So I'm 25 years old 5'2'' and 120lbs with the bra size of a big A small B.. I've considered breast implants since I was 18 years old but every time I get close to seriously getting them I chicken out and decide not to.. My first experience with this was when I was 19 years old my... READ MORE

Questions from Mittens

Is Massaging a Split Muscle Breast Implant Recommended?

I recently got a split-muscle BA on 1/31 and I was curious if massaging is recommended for this type of implant placemen? Since its neither subpectoral or subglandular it's... READ MORE

How Long Will my Breast Implants Be Uncomfortable?

I'm on day 12 counting my surgery day and I'm still having very uncomfortable pain!!! I can only lay on my side for about ten minutes, I can't drive or dress myself without... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Ride my Street Bike Motorcycle After Breast Implant Surgery?

How soon can i ride my street bike, specifically stunt ride? It does require pushing and pulling not as much as a push-up but more comparable to pulling/pushing and extra heavy... READ MORE

Motorcycle Accident Trauma to Breast Implant?

Fell really hard on my silicone breast implants, although I had chest protection I have swelling on my right upper boob, near the arm pit.. Just curious what the chances of it... READ MORE