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Hey girlie! I am getting butt implants in Mexico in three weeks with a different doctor. I don't think that you should feel guilty about anything! It's your body and you should do as you please :) READ COMMENT

Have you considered going to a different country to get implants? I'm scheduled for surgery in 4 weeks in Mexico (butt implants, lipo, and FG). The reason I'm going to Mexico is cause of the types of implants they use. Plus my friend... READ COMMENT

Great results! You look so natural. Why did the doctor choose oval over round? Why did he think it was better for your body type? READ COMMENT

Good luck tomorrow!!! I am wishing you nothing but the best :) READ COMMENT

Since your drains and your stitches are still there after five days, when do you have to fly back to get them both removed? How many days post op? READ COMMENT