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Looking good girl! 3mths its ok too sit on that pound cake now lol READ COMMENT

Ohhhh! No I wish I would of saw your blog sooner dr heller is a ears, noise, and throat doc.!!!! That started doing cosmetic surgery( body,butt,breast,tummy)I leave hear on staten island o god I hope everything work out for you good luck! READ COMMENT

O....M....G (sigh) hopefully she'll give you a decent quote for your revisions and at the end of your journey I pray everything work out for you......... READ COMMENT

Smh! She still at its bad enough she letting interns work on our body(girls from the states) READ COMMENT

Most def. NOT! Like i said before Yily should be a shame of herself letting them interns work on us (girls from the states) and I read your blog that you're keeping in contact for a possible revision?! Its gonna cost you just as much... READ COMMENT