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I saw him, seems as though I am a candidate, but he's still waiting for my bloodwork results to get back to him. He is going to do the stem cell/PRP intravenously and he is going to save some to inject into my face afterwards. He will... READ COMMENT

4 IPL's over a 2 yr period. READ COMMENT

Yes, the hyperbaric treatment did help, but I was still in early stages. I'm not anymore so the only thing hyperbarics will help with is the nerve damage. I found a doc 2 hrs away and have an appt. with him at the end of April. He does... READ COMMENT

I sustained extensive cosmetic laser damages to my face. Long story short, after research, I decided to try hyperbarics. I found a local doctor and started sessions. I discussed with him about getting stem cell for my face and he told... READ COMMENT

For the stem cells to 'take', they need oxygen. After 3 yrs of researching this on my own, the consensus with doctors and scientists is 5 days of hyperbaric oxygen treatments after the procedure. No more, no less. READ COMMENT