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Be patient. All this will go away. My stitches were so bumpy & discolored & today I have no scars to speak of. I am 5 months post surgery and I have been happy for several months now :))) READ COMMENT

Wow!!!! Just amazing! When you see these before & afters, it's hard to argue cosmetic surgery. You look terrific! READ COMMENT

I will add that I still feel a little funky about how I look in pictures. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe it's that my eyelids are still a bit tight and my smile doesn't feel entirely natural, or maybe I'm just self conscious when I... READ COMMENT

I am now 3 months post surgery and I barely have ANY scars or redness anymore. My doctor said it would take six months to heal entirely, but I have felt entirely healed for the last month or more. Although I continue to see... READ COMMENT

This is such a great testimonial. The overwhelming response to having Blepharoplasty has been people getting very discouraged because they don't like the results immediately after. This is plastic/cosmetic surgery and people need to... READ COMMENT