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Just had my pre op appt. yesterday and everything looks good. I'm excited, nervous and scared. I've been wanting this for so long. It seems like a dream. I've putting it off and making excuses so it's now or never. I'm taking three weeks off from work and have kept the surgery a secret from my... READ MORE

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I just got my quote from Fatima and will be seein Dr. C in February . Your story is inspiring . I had a TT in sept and I'm not happy. He didn't do the muscle repair .. :( READ COMMENT

I'm going to see my doc next Thursday because I have lumps underneath my incision.. I don't see stiches on the outside but have stiches inside that never dissolved and that's why I have lumps, lots of them, ugly and some big. I'm... READ COMMENT

Well hi there mrs. America long time !! You look fantastic . I'm still dealing with swelling Also and feel I've gained weight. Kinda depressing and i also have a lumpy incision. I'm told it's the stitches. Under neath my scar . I see... READ COMMENT

Maydayhayday I went off that deep end too and came back with a flat tummy!! My family was not supportive either but I did my thing and don't regret it one bit.. Call me crazy, call me nuts I didn't care I live for me and me is gonna... READ COMMENT