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Saline Implants Done Thru Belly Button

I had lost a lot of weight so my breast were non existant. I was smaller than an A and lost all of the volume. 7 months ago I had saline implants done through my belly button. Ilike having larger breast but I have been have problems. my right one is harder, sits high while my left one is soft... READ MORE

Questions from alasandra

Milk Thistle for Capsular Contracture?

I had breast implants, and my right breast keeps having capsular contracture. My plastic surgeon pops them everytime I see him. He put me on milk thistle and Vitamin E just... READ MORE

How and when Does Capsular Contracture Happen?

I have breast implants and my right breast keeps getting Capsular Contracture. How and when does this happen? READ MORE

Does Milk Thistle Help Soften Breast?

I had a saline BA 7 months ago. My right one is not dropping and my doctor has had to pop the capsular contractures a few times already. he gave me milk thistle and vitamin e... READ MORE

Safe to Put Juvederm in Lips After Silicone?

I had silicone injected to my lips can i have juvederm or other dissolvable fillers injected into the lips or should i stick with silicone? READ MORE

Vertical Stretch Marks on my Side, Can These Be Removed As Well As the Loose Skin on Side?

I have loose skin on my stomach and lower back with vertical stretch marks on my sides. can these be removed with surgery. i do not have stretch marks under my belly button so... READ MORE

Knee Lift Scar Location

I have had a thigh lift and now me knees look very saggy and they have a crease in them like an elderly women may have, im 26, could the scar of a knee lift be put on the back... READ MORE

Am I a Canidate for a Lip Lift

I had a lip lift about a year ago and see there is no difference, I may not have expressed what i wanted to the doctor properly. i feel that my face would look less thin and... READ MORE

Knee Lift After Thigh Lift: Am I A Candidate?

I have lost 90 ponds and have excess skin especially on my legs. About 1 year ago I had a thigh lift but my knees now have creases in them and loose skin. I am 26 and would... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Correct a Small Area After a Thigh Lift Or Do I Have To Undergo Another Full Lift?

I have had a thigh lift to remove excess skin and i am mostly happy except there is some skin on the inner part of my left thigh that is loose. i might not have noticed this... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate For Revision Thigh Lift? (Photos)

My scars for my thigh lift go almost completely around my thighs they do not go around the outside, I still have a small amount of loose skin on the inside part of the thigh... READ MORE