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5 Ft and 100 Lbs Getting Butt Implants and Fat Grafting - Aventura, FL

Hello I'm 5ft and weigh 100 lbs so way too small for a BBL. My story would be different due to me being really petite so I'm unable to just get a BBL alone. I have no type of ass at all :( I've been creeping on RS for quite some time now and I must say I learn something new every time. I just... READ MORE

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I Weigh 105 Pounds and I'm Only 5 Feet. I Am 19 Yrs.old. is BBL Possible?

I am new here and I was wondering if I can get a BBL weighing 105 lbs. Would gaining weight help? If so, how can I gain "healthy" fat for it to last through? Also, I am 5 ft.... READ MORE

Can I Dance with Butt Implants?

I am a dancer and trying to get my BFA in dancing so I can teach. I do ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop.. I've been really considering butt implants since I don't... READ MORE

What's a better type of implant? Cohesive gel implants or silicone?

Since I'm too small for a BBL, I decided to go with implants. What is the difference between cohesive gel implants that they use in Mexico DR etc and silicone implants that... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of butt implant placement? Intramuscular or under the muscle?

I just had my consult last week about butt implants but he does them under the muscle. I am a lil concerned since I've been reading that intramuscular is the best way to go... READ MORE

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Looks great! How do they feel so far? I too am petite 5ft 100 lbs opting for butt implants READ COMMENT

Looking great! Glad you're happy with your booty now. I was wondering about your height and weight before your surgery with salama. You told me before but I forgot. I absolutely love your results! Also, how much did you weigh before... READ COMMENT

How many ccs did you get? Round or oval? I know you mentioned that he might have given you 360 ccs round. But not sure if that was it? Also, do you know how many ccs fat? READ COMMENT

Woohoo! Congrats on your new booty! Glad to know you're doing well. Please keep us updated on your journey and post a lot of pictures! :) I'm thinking of going to him as well. READ COMMENT

Stanton doesn't do fat transfer to the butt along with implants. READ COMMENT