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Brighter Complexion and Smoother Skin - San Ramon, CA

I've been on .05% Retin A for about two weeks. I requested it from my dermatologist in order to try and fade my hyper-pigmentation and smooth out fine lines. I tried it for two days back to back the first week and started peeling pretty badly. I took a break for a week and will probably start... READ MORE

I'm Sold on This Product - San Ramon, CA

Purchased latisse from my dermatologist. Initial side effects were itchiness and darkening on the upper eyelids, but i pushed through it. The itchiness subsided. The darkening is still there, but im fairly certain noone notices but me, plus its easily hidden with a little makeup. The result... READ MORE

Subtle Restoration of Fullness in the Face - San Francisco, CA

I got my first tube of Radiesse this weekend. I'm a little on the thin side. This is great for my body, but not so great for my face. Thank you to the creator of fillers. I received an injection in my laugh line areas, and in the cheeks. Definitely not a comfortable experience, but worth the... READ MORE

Meh.. - San Francisco, CA

I got botox for the wrinkles in my forehead. I have a ginormous forehead and have had lines there since I was a kid. Its been 3 days since I got the botox. My forehead has taken on a plastic-like appearance. Its definitely less wrinkly.. but in a weird kind of way.. hard to explain. I don't hate... READ MORE