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Face Liposuction and Facial V-line and B-line Lifting?

Hello, I underwent surgery to correct my facial asymmetry. Although the asymmetry was minor when looking in person, but when I take photos it's more obvious, so that's why I... READ MORE

Bio Alcamid Filler?

I had bio-alcamid injected into my nose for sculpting. I am healthy with no medical problems. I was too scared to get a nose job, so the consultant recommended me this filler.... READ MORE

Bio-alcamid filler in nose 12/2012, anything I should worry about now?

I had an this filler injected into my nose in December 2012, so far I have no had any complications, discomfort, swelling or infection. So far it's good, is there anything I... READ MORE

When will the tightness and numbness go away after my Genioplasty?

Hello, I got Genioplasty on the 27december 2013 and today is 6 January 2014, as most of the swelling is gone, there still remains a lot of swelling in chin area. At the moment... READ MORE

Twitching/muscle spasms and numbness after genioplasty. Why does this happen?

Hello, I underwent genioplasty on 27/12/2013 to correct an asymmetrical chin, I had a T-cut genioplasty. Picture attached. On the 3rd week, my left chin started constantly... READ MORE

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Hi, thanks for your post, by any chance do you have any before and after pictures? Thanks READ COMMENT

Congratulations, so far it looks really good. Please continue to post about your post operation care and how you are feeling. Please if you could highlight your numbness, sensitive areas, talking issues, tightness during your healing... READ COMMENT

Hello, congratulations on your surgery. If you don't mind, are you able to post your journey on recovery? And how you reduced your swelling, tightness and numbness and all those issues. I think this the scariest part of doing surgery,... READ COMMENT

FYI, and all who need help with swelling, do regular walks, fruits and vegetables, lots of water, pineapples or pineapple juices, pumpkin juice, water mixed with manuka honey and lymphatic drainage massages. At 5 week five I started... READ COMMENT

I just read my own comment, alot of grammar mistakes. LOL. I didn't even notice it, sorry. Yes, I did have that weird bottom teeth pressure, but it gets better. Even though at 5 weeks it still feels weird, but it's alot better now.... READ COMMENT