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This is the EXACT same thing that happened to me. I STILL have the bump and its been 18 months ago!!! I had collagen injections at one point and it went down for a few months, but it is now back. READ COMMENT


EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! So are you saying you did this on purpose!!!! What a stupid excuse!!!! My doctor did use that on me too though. When my face wasnt even for a whole frickin year he would always say, "Well, look at mine, it's not... READ COMMENT

How did the Juvederm work?? I am at 14 months now and my face is evened out. The cortisone shot did take away the lump on my temple. But, I tell ya, this stuff is maintenance. Don't think your going to go in and this is just going to be... READ COMMENT

Its all about money. And when you go in they are all like, "Oh you look so good". But, then when you go home your family sais, "Noo, you don't look good, your face is lopsided, you have a lump on your temple, your face is round, etc,... READ COMMENT