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Give Me More!

I am going to be 55 this month. I’ve always been very photogenic; in fact, people used to say I should be a model. However, for the last 3 years, I have started to notice what-I-now-know-are-called “nasolabial lines” and “marionette lines.” I was no longer pretty…not even CUTE... READ MORE

I Had PRK Because I Couldn't Do Lasik, but the Results Were Amazing

I am 57, and I have worn glasses since I turned 40, when I developed nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Yep, I developed all 3! It got so I couldn't do anything without my glasses. I was blind as a bat.I started discussing Lasik with my regular eye doc about 7 years ago. He... READ MORE

It's Taken Awhile, but Now I'm Definitely Seeing Results - Redmond, WA

I had Coolsculpting on my abs, love handles, and arms. I didn't really see anything for about a month, but it's been 6 weeks now and I'm seeing some definite changes. I'm looking forward to the beginning of August, when the full effect should be more obvious. The photos are not great, but I... READ MORE

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I agree as far as the torso goes. Abs were bad while I never even noticed any pain with the flanks. But the very worst are was not on my torso, it was my ARMS. Awful! The itching, tingling, shooting pains were so bad. But my arms... READ COMMENT

Oh, and they used several pillows and positioned me and my arms so that each time, the arm was relaxed and I was pretty comfortable. If you have an experienced doctor, he/she will make sure you're comfortable. READ COMMENT

No, they only had one arm applicator, so each arm was done separately. In fact, my arms are long enough (I'm tall and have long arms too) they needed to do each arm twice to all the "batwing" sucked in there. (I had no pain during the... READ COMMENT

3 weeks is way too early to expect much, if anything. I was still kind of swollen at 3 weeks! Do not be discouraged. I started really noticing changes at about 5 weeks, but even then, I wasn't sure. I'm glad I took before photos,... READ COMMENT

Wow, your results are just amazing! I'm really looking forward to a similar experience, I seem to be on my way. Anyway, here's my take on the arm procedure: The fat in my arms always felt "normal," I guess. As I've aged, although I... READ COMMENT