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Fat and enzymes ruined my face - San Francisco, CA

Had fat transfer to my face and lips. BIG MISTAKE-looks awful and distorted. These doctors need to stop using methods that are so unpredictable. Then they have the nerve to say just wait it out-for at least a year. Are you kidding me? A whole year? Do Not Consider it-I dont' care who the surgeon... READ MORE

Questions from RedRoxie

Facelift with Fat Transfer, Brow Lift and Canthopexy?

I am super unhappy with my cantho results. I didn't realize it would change the shape of my eye. It's too almond-cat like and I am very sad about it. Surgery was 12-17-2012.... READ MORE

Too Much Fat Injected During Transfer-looking Distorted and Freakish?

I had almost 80 cc's of fat injected during a facelift to cheeks, eyes, lower face, chin, lips and temples. Its approx 1 month out and it looks awful. All i keep hearing is it... READ MORE

Hard Lump in Lip After Fat Transfer?

How long should I wait to have a hard lump in lip treated after fat transfer? Procedure done mid Dec 2012. Lump is hard and not going away with massage. Dr says to wait it out.... READ MORE

Eyes Still Uneven Almost 3 Months After Canthopexy. Will It Improve? (photos)

Shape and size are different post canthopexy Will it improve or is this it? READ MORE

How to FIX LARGE Lump in Lip from Fat Graft by Top Doc You All Recommend for FAT TRANSFER?

Fat transfer to face and lips 3 months ago. Worst experiience of my life. Face is flat with no cheek definition and now there is a lump by mouth and a rather large one in lower... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Totally Destroyed my Skin-how Long Does It Take the Skin to Repair Itself?

Prior to a facelift with fat injections, my PS thought it would be a good idea to use wydase to remove any filler remaining in my skin. It took everything with it-the old... READ MORE

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Dr Haworth in Bev hills does 5fu. I tried it for my lumps but it didn't work. His consult is $500 and the 5fu was another 200 if I remember correctly. He wasn't worth the $$ READ COMMENT

You nailed it Not so Good. Bottom line- it's a money maker. Plain and simple. We keep handing it over so they will continue to take it. Stop doing fat!!!! READ COMMENT

Dr Ditesheim- I went to a to doc who claims to be one of the best in fat and we addressed bone structure and everything else. He overfilled because he said most gets absorbed. He had my pics from all different stages in life at all... READ COMMENT

The texture was terrible for a year. At 18 months- it's about 80% improved. I still have odd lines and scratch like marks- I also have little x's on my face here and there. Its odd and hard to explain I have jowls where the fat was... READ COMMENT

95% is gone. I did TCA peel, retin A and lots of healthy food It eventually gets better when the fat disappears. Several docs I saw said it was fat. I hope my doctor rots in hell for the year of misery I went thru. Women need to know... READ COMMENT