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Thin Uneven Lips Due to Childhood Accident. Is There Some Surgery Available to Fix This? (photo)

When I was five years old I fell from a tree and split my face open. The accident caused a scar that runs all the way through my whole lip to my chin. My lips were I guess... READ MORE

My Skin Changed for the Worse Soon After IPL. Is my Skin Possibly Damaged from the IPL? (photo)

Been getting IPL 3x year for the last 6 years for Rosacia. It has worked well to keep the flareups and redness to a minimum. However, this past summer I had an unusually... READ MORE

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This is really extraordinary. I know in Europe many surgeons prefer this to facelifts as it often gets better results and is less invasive. It's not very popular in Canada and the US for some reason. It has always interested me and as I... READ COMMENT

@tah4428; The thing is, and yes I know normal ageing does that, I got this damage almost overnight and everyone I know noticed it, including my estheticiain whom I see once a month and my Dermatologist. It is "normal" ageing accelerated... READ COMMENT

My GP and my Dermatologist both say IPL and Lasers cause visible damage and another doctor said on one of my questions here that he doesn't use IPL anymore in his practice because it's caused damage. My GP in fact recently told me she... READ COMMENT

How much numbing do you use with the 2.5 mm? Glad you got some pigment back!!! READ COMMENT

Yep... That's the texture I have. On my lower cheeks too when I smile. It's soft and mushy with odd bumps like chicken skin... READ COMMENT