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Thin Uneven Lips Due to Childhood Accident. Is There Some Surgery Available to Fix This? (photo)

When I was five years old I fell from a tree and split my face open. The accident caused a scar that runs all the way through my whole lip to my chin. My lips were I guess... READ MORE

My Skin Changed for the Worse Soon After IPL. Is my Skin Possibly Damaged from the IPL? (photo)

Been getting IPL 3x year for the last 6 years for Rosacia. It has worked well to keep the flareups and redness to a minimum. However, this past summer I had an unusually... READ MORE

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@Possem; I think you are right. Always seems to be the ones that had Rosacia or redness, broken capillaries that have the worst damage/side effects. READ COMMENT

I saw, it really is that odd texture change that people have described. Is it mushy/soft? I have some on my temples after IPL, it's such a bizarre texture, almost like chicken skin... I checked out the treatment, I am interested to try... READ COMMENT

I really hope this works for you. Gonna follow this post closely for updates. Good luck!!! READ COMMENT

I thought his honesty was refreshing. From what I understand it's a complication due to a person's particular healing process, doesn't make it any easier to deal with and I still don't think that's the whole story. My skin was damaged... READ COMMENT

Actually on my profile, when I asked about damage, one surgeon did. He said his office doesn't use IPL anymore because it causes damage. READ COMMENT