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Have you phoned Dr. Melmed's office? He does take several forms of insurance -- the only PS to do so, it seems. (Don't recall specifically about Medicaid.) READ COMMENT

So appreciate you sharing your story, Allmeagain. It really does help those of us on-deck to explant and those healing. (You seem to have zero body fat everywhere else -- great work being fit. How the heck did you end up with so much... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry if I missed this in your write up(s): Did you have any kind of lift with explantation? Were your implants over or under the muscle? READ COMMENT

Argh! I do that now with implants, and have for years. For one thing, they are so tight they pull my body in wrong ways, and they just protrude to much/unnaturally so I try to diminish them. It is killing my posture. Worried I'll... READ COMMENT

You look amazing! Incredible breasts. I'd feel lucky to end up with those. READ COMMENT