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Very Worth It - Columbus, GA

After having 4 kids I had some loose skin and decided to get a tummy tuck. The pain was similar to a csection but not quite as bad. Recovery was 2 weeks. Took about 2 months to heal completely with the swelling and lingering pains. I read somewhere that achieving a six-pack after having one is... READ MORE

Nasal Labial Folds & Under Eyes - Columbus, GA

I had some signs of aging and decided to see a dermatologist. The consult and treatment was the same day and lasted 30 minutes total. They numbed my face with some kind of grainy cream and the injections were mildly discomfortable. I saw result immediately and looked about 5 years younger! All... READ MORE

Revision (Smaller Implants & Lift) - Columbus, GA

My first implants were over the muscle, high profile, 550cc. After a few years and breast feeding the starting sagging. I had my ps add saline to my existing implants going from 550cc to 800cc and they looked like 2 huge grapefruit s sitting on my chest! Unhappy, I went back to get them smaller... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Lift - Columbus, Ga

Well it all started after having my first 3 children. I have always had big boobs, so after breastfeeding needless to say they sagged and lost volume. I got my first set in 2006, over the muscle 550 cc 34D. When I had my last baby, unexpected pregnancy, they sagged really bad. Got a lift on them... READ MORE

Botox Forehead Review - Columbus, GA

I have had Botox and Dysport done to my forehead and I liked the Dysport better. I have the lines that run across and the 11 between my eyes. My forehead seems really resistant to both and require more product than whats normally given. It only lasts for 4 months and that gets expensive. I... READ MORE

Questions from Jackie Phenix

Can Chest Muscles Be Too Overdeveloped to Go Under?

I recently had surgery to go from over to under. My surgeon says he was unable to go under the muscle saying they were to overdeveloped/thick.. Needless to say I ended back... READ MORE

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Yea I plan on telling my 16 year old son lol..its going to be awkward but I think he already knows I have them from all those hard hugs hahaha. He will be the one taking care of me while hubby is working. READ COMMENT

I think they look great. Youre still healing so I would give it six months. After that if you are still unhappy I would ask for a nipple revision. Maybe making them smaller would help. Your boobs look great though. READ COMMENT

I completely understand how you feel. For me I really hate the attention they bring. In the gym guys stare at my boobs and at the pool I really try to wear a bigger top to keep them covered more. Even in just regular clothing its too... READ COMMENT

Thanks.. he told me he could take them out in office under local (awake) for $200. If I just wanted removal under anethesia (no lift) it would be $600 but I want the lift so its going to be $1600. READ COMMENT

I know!! He is really inexpensive but does great work READ COMMENT