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ProFractional Laser or Sciton for Facial Skin Tightening?

I am only 30, but sun damage and genetics, coupled with fluctuating weight, have caused some laxity in my facial skin. I am trying to choose between ProFractional treatments,... READ MORE

OK to Use Metrogel for Redness After IPL?

Can I use Metrogel after my IPL treatments for redness?  READ MORE

Skin Care Before and After IPL Treatment

Can I keep using active ingredients before and after my IPL treatments like Vitamin C serum? Thanks READ MORE

Tazorac Short Contact Therapy for Aging Skin?

I was wondering if Tazorac short contact therapy is effective to treat aging of the skin? Or does it need to make contact with the skin for a prolonged period to build... READ MORE

Using the 640 Filter on IPL Treatments?

My previous dermatologist always did 2 passes with their Lumenis One IPL treatments, using the 560 filter for redness, and the 640 to "stimulate collagen." After 6 treatments... READ MORE

IPL Technique for Rosacea Redness Using Lumenis One 560 Filter?

Doctor #1 used a small spot size/head for the entire face at 19J. It did not hurt and many pulses were done. Post treatment redness dissipated within the hour. The day after I... READ MORE